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Dental Crowns in Hampton

Protect your teeth and restore the beauty of your smile at the same time. At Mellen Dental, we install durable dental crowns in Hampton and effectively turn back the clock on your teeth. By covering up damaged areas and filling in gaps, tooth crowns enhance your appearance and create stronger teeth. For affordable and strong dental crowns, you can depend on our highly skilled dentists

Benefits of Tooth Crowns

Do you want permanent solutions for damaged teeth? Crowns are excellent and nearly permanent products that cover up problems that affect your bite, your smile, and even your overall self-confidence.

They completely encase the entire tooth and restore it to its original shape and size. Whether you have irreparable tooth decay or structural tooth damage, dental crowns are excellent solutions to make all things new again. You may need crowns if your teeth are:

  • Irreparably Damaged by a Cavity
  • Replaced with a Dental Implant
  • Severely Worn 
  • Misshapen or Severely Discolored 
  • Damaged or Weak 
  • Being Corrected by a Dental Bridge

Crowns & Dental Bridges

Everybody deserves a stunning smile! Achieve what you want in one day. Work with us to do a smile makeover with crowns and dental bridges. No matter how old you are, beautiful teeth make you look younger and feel better about yourself.

Partial or full dental bridges actually bridge the gap between two teeth. They fill the space where you have a missing tooth with a realistic tooth.

Full dental bridges, or permanent bridges, are attached over two anchoring teeth to fill the gap. They are so natural looking that no one will be able to tell you have a bridge. A few reasons to consider dental bridges include: 

  • Natural Looking
  • Maintain Facial Shape
  • Fill Space of Missing Teeth
  • Prevent Teeth from Moving
  • Restore Your Smile
  • Long-Lasting Dental Option
  • Less Invasive Than Implants
  • Restore Chewing & Speaking

Contact us to schedule an appointment if you think you may need a dental bridge or crown. We proudly serve patients in Hampton, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Newport News, Virginia.

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