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Root Canals in Hampton

Is tooth pain keeping you up at night? Eliminate tooth discomfort by visiting our dentist for an exam. We may be able to save your tooth that has suffered from decay, infection, or damage. At Mellen Dental, we offer comprehensive root canals in Hampton that restore the integrity of your tooth and help you enjoy pain-free living again. There's no need to be anxious about endodontic surgery when you visit our dental office. Our skilled and gentle root canal dentist has performed many of these in-office surgeries. We offer a relaxed environment, friendly staff, and anesthesia that reduce any discomfort. Schedule an appointment if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Constant Sensitivity Heat of Cold 
  • Radiating Pain in the Mouth & Head
  • Severe Toothaches
  • Swelling Gums & Tenderness 
  • Painful Chewing
  • Tooth Discoloration

Root Canal Dentist You Can Trust

Your dental health and comfort are our top priorities. Using the latest techniques and technology, our root canal dentist performs the procedure in our office while making sure you are comfortable in the process. You're in good hands when you need root canals. In addition to administering numbing solutions, our team ensures you are relaxed before and during the entire procedure.

What to Expect During a Root Canal Procedure

Every root canal procedure we perform is handled skillfully. First, we numb the area with an anesthetic before beginning any work. Root canals involve the following steps:

  • Preparing the Tooth and Surrounding Gums 
  • Cleaning the Canal to Remove Bacteria & Infection
  • Covering the Tooth Structure with a Dental Crown 
  • Filling the Empty Canal with a Durable & Safe Material 
  • Removing Infected Pulp and Nerves from the Affected Tooth

In-Office Endodontic Surgery 

Come to our office when you need endodontic surgery. Count on our experienced and gentle cosmetic dentist for in-office endodontic surgery. There's no need to go anywhere else.

We understand that you may be uneasy about going somewhere else for treatment. That's why we do everything at our location. Our fully trained staff and experienced dentist use state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide a variety of endodontic procedures. From the initial exam to the surgery, you can trust our friendly and experienced team to be with you throughout the entire process.

Contact us for effective and painless root canals that restore the strength of your tooth. We proudly serve patients in Hampton, Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, and Newport News, Virginia. 

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